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Imagine Nick Verreos

MFM’s 2nd Interview with Nick Verreos

The first time I met Nick Verreos was at the 2009 IDT IMAGINE fashion show, just before things were about to get under way. I remember how thrilled I was that he would be hosting that year, and that I might get the chance to meet and interview him. Well, as luck would have it, I did get the chance to meet him and he was gracious enough to grant me an interview.  As you might guess, I was doubly thrilled at the prospect of a second interview… after all, Nick was hosting this year’s IDT IMAGINE 2010.  So there I was…. In a crowded room full of people who were defiantly dressed to impress. Dignitaries, press, paparazzi, fashionistas of every conceivable measure… oh yeah… and nineteen aspiring designers from the Academy of Design and Technology of San Antonio. Of course, their family and friends were there in force to support and cheer them on.  They may as well have been preparing for a show in the tents of New York. For everyone involved… this night was big.

As I made my way through the crowd, I noticed some bright lights at the top of the landing. There was a lot of commotion and I knew it must be our gracious host and native son… our guest of honor, Nick Verreos.


I’m in a crowded room full of people dressed to impress. All around me are press, people in the fashion industry, nineteen aspiring designers that may as well be preparing for a show in the New York tents, and all of their friends and family here to support them. It must be the International Academy of Design and Technology’s Imagine fashion show! That means I get the pleasure of talking to the famous designer and fashion guru, Nick Verreos!

MFM: Nick how are you doing?

Nick Verreos: Hi Lacey, I’m good. I’m so excited to be here in San Antonio for the Imagine 2010 Fashion show. How are you?

MFM: I’m fabulous. It’s so good to see you here again. Is it safe for us to start calling you the regular host for this event?

Nick Verreos: I think so…. I know I should get like a gold star, or a star of fame here in San Antonio and for IADT, definitely. I’m so happy! I was here at the inauguration of IADT and for the first Imagine fashion show, then for the Imagine 2009 fashion show last year. Now I’m back! I’m glad they’re asking me back, so I think that’s a good thing!

MFM: I think so too! We’re happy to see you here every year. Tell me, what do you have going on this next couple of months for summer, fall, and winter?

Nick Verreos: A lot, a lot. Well I’m working on my Fall line. My NIKOLAKI fall line, so I’m working on the dresses. Then at the same time, I’m also the “fashion guru” for MSN, The Victory Project. I’m traveling around to four cities: Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, and L.A. We are working with women and we’re making them over. It’ll be on MSN. So go to We’re gonna make these women victorious! There’s going to be a nutrition expert, physical expert, makeup artist, and I’m the fashion guy. So, after they’ve gotten in shape, I come in and make them look even better. I’m talking about, not the size 2, not these size 4’s… these women are true to size. These are 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, 16’s. And you know, maybe they’re gonna loose20 pounds and then I’m gonna come in and show them that you can still look fashionable, stylish, you know, as a size 14-16.

MFM: Absolutely

Nick Verreos: HELLO! A lot of women are afraid to go to stores and buy outside of their comfort zone and I’m gonna show them that it’s ok to be a little riskier. So it’s always good to have a little nick with you! Helping you, you know! So I’m excited for that, and then Macy’s just signed me up to host a lot of fashion shows for something this spring called The Fashion Challenge. You might have seen the commercials where they have the models walk out with clothing strutting it. So I’m gonna be one of the spokespeople and I’m going to be going around the country starting in Houston.


MFM: That starts tomorrow doesn’t it?

Nick Verreos: Tomorrow! I go tomorrow to Houston, and then next week Orlando, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and possible Puerto Rico! So I’ll be traveling around for a while.

MFM: Oh, that’ll be fun!

Nick Verreos: I know!!

MFM: I would be hoping for Puerto Rico.

Nick Verreos: I know, I’m wishing and praying. They asked me if I spoke fluent Spanish, and I said Si!

MFM: Macy’s if you see this, send him to Puerto Rico! He really wants to go!

Nick Verreos: Macy’s, send me to Puerto Rico, ha, ha!

MFM: So, tell me about the designers tonight. How many are we going to see tonight?

Nick Verreos: I believe there are 19 designers tonight.

MFM: Wow, and what can we expect to see from them tonight?

Nick Verreos: They are all designing a lot of different kinds of clothing. So, you’re going to see a lot of cocktail, you’re going to see evening, and you might even see some children’s wear. I believe it’s going to be 19 designers showing the whole gamut of designs from cocktail, evening to children’s wear. A lot of great designs are being shown tonight. I got a little sneak peak backstage and it looks really great. The models look fabulous. Everybody’s getting ready. You know, there’s madness, but it’s controlled madness back there. Of course, you will never see that on the runway.

MFM: Well, it’s always a little crazy right before a show… I can imagine. Hair being pulled in different directions, makeup brushes flying everywhere, bra’s shooting in all different directions!

Nick Verreos: Oh, totally! Yes, yes, I mean it can be crazy sometimes definitely, and something always happens right before. You’re like, “Oh my god, a zipper just broke! Ahh!”. But I don’t think that has happened yet.

MFM: Well if a zipper breaking is the only problem then they’re in good shape.

Nick Verreos: Yes, definitely. I’m so excited to be here at this new venue, The Lori Auditorium. I think it will showcase the designs and the clothes really well.

MFM: Me too. I absolutely love this venue for this event. So what do you think we can expect for trends in spring and summer? What’s going to be hot?

Nick Verreos: Well, I think there’s always going to be color for spring. You are always going to see color and I think I’m wearing one of the hot colors for spring and summer on my pants. The sort of violet purple is going to be very popular and then turquoise as well. And then look for prints, but mixing the prints. Allot of bolder prints and then mixing them. Don’t be afraid to wear a top that’s a print as well as a skirt that’s a different print. You just have to know how to not look too crazy! That’s something new…  as well as embellishments. So, look for little details like sequins and rhinestones. Bring a little bit of the bling bling from the Oscar’s into your spring wardrobe. It could even be for daytime. It’s just about, maybe, a sequin collar… or a top that has a little bit of a shine to it. Metallics will also continue to be strong in the seasons coming up for sure.

MFM: What do you think about more casual looks… going more vintage?

Nick Verreos: Yes, there’s a lot of the vintage wear, especially when you go to Urban Outfitters and other different stores. They are really pushing the vintage trend. I’m totally into vintage. I love the vintage look. I think that people are welcoming it more than before… you know, looking a little retro and I love that. I definitely think the vintage look will be very strong as well.

MFM: That’s great. I actually have something for you. It’s our summer issue for last year and we covered the IADT fashion show and did a piece on you. So here you go.

Nick Verreos: OH! Look at that! I love MONSTER FASHION!

MFM: I love that picture of you and I.

Nick Verreos: That’s going on my website for sure! I love you as a brunette! You should keep it that way.

MFM: Thank you! Me too!

Nick Verreos: I love this! We need to do it again soon!

MFM: Absolutely, thank you for taking the time to hangout with us. It’s always a treat!

Nick Verreos: Anytime! See you at the show!

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